Scanning Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Our bureau service works by scanning your hard copy paperwork, putting it onto CD or into our web hosted document management system. You make the decisions as to whether you have the hard copies destroyed or kept in deep storage.

It sounds good, but I think we’re too small for this.

We don’t just do work for large organisations, in fact even if you just have a small number of documents that need to be scanned, perhaps just to create space, we can help.

We offer a free demonstration and sample, which is non-committal. Once you see the benefits, you will have a better understanding of why so many NHS Trusts, Councils, blue chip organisations and SMEs alike have decided to switch to electronic document management with Cull Paperless Solutions.

This sounds like hard work, I don’t have the time to sort through my documents.

You need not do anything. We will re-box, collect and deliver, as well as de-stapling and even taking the creases out of the documents before scanning.

But I need to keep certain files for a set amount of time.

We do understand that certain files need to be kept for example invoices, HR records, payroll documentation and other industry specific paperwork. However, by using a recognised scanning bureau like Cull Paperless Solutions and or have the correct software system to do it internally, scanned representations paper documents are legally admissible and the originals can be destroyed.

Our Data is sensitive how can we be sure it’s in good hands?

We do understand the sensitivity and confidentiality of your data, but let us assure you your data will be in very safe hands here at Cull.

We deal with lots of sensitive data on a regular basis through a number of different clients ranging from medical records, HR records, bank records and even government restricted information. All of our staff have been positively vetted by the National Nuclear Corporation, BAE Systems, The Home Office and many more. In addition all staff have signed a lifetime Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Historically we have also held the list ‘X’ classification whilst processing MOD information and we are still registered with the Data Protection Act.

If you require any information on how well we handle this kind of data please feel free to contact any of our customers that have audited our premises: The Home office, Ministry Of Defence, BAE systems, National Nuclear Corporation, Marks & Spencer money, Rhodia Pharma and the British Standards Institute.

I like it, how much will it cost?

A consultant can pop in to explain pricing, legal admissibility etc for your documentation. We will carry out a brief survey of your archive and where possible process a small sample. This will cost you NOTHING, just half an hour of your time. Any further queries or concerns you may have can also be answered at this time. Cost depends on a number of factors including quality, size and amount, and we know from experience that no two companies paperwork is alike.

Ok, Sounds good. What next?

Well, here is the easy bit. Either call us on 0151 638 6000 or contact us here and we can arrange to set up an appointment for one of our team to come in for a chat.