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Invoice scanning, digitisation, and automation services that help you improve efficiency, save time, and reduce costs.

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Flexible Invoice Scanning and Automation Solutions

Manually processing invoices is costly, time-consuming, and a waste of company resources. Inputting your invoices by hand risks inaccurate data entry and can lead to lost invoices and late payments. All of which can negatively impact the performance of your business. If you are still manually processing invoices, it’s time to switch to a better invoicing solution.

That’s where we come in. Cull’s ISO-certified purchase invoice processing (PIPs) scanning services automate your invoice and accounts payable processes to maximise invoicing efficiency.

We streamline your purchase invoice process by scanning paper invoices, capturing key data, and storing them as secure and easily accessible digital files on your own accounting system.

Why should you upgrade from manual to our automated invoicing solution?

  • Save time spent manually inputting data with fast invoice capture
  • Save between £2 – £20 per invoice, which could save you thousands in the long run
  • Reclaim office space by storing documents digitally
  • Improve accuracy by eliminating human error
  • Maximise productivity by focusing resources where they are most needed
  • Enhance workflow by removing labour-intensive manual processes

Optimise your invoice and accounts payable processes with our flexible invoice scanning and digitisation service today. Regardless of the processes you have in place, if you are manually processing invoices then there will be a real opportunity to improve efficiency, save time, and reduce costs. Contact us for your free quote now.

ISO-Certified Automated Invoice Scanning Services

Using sophisticated and intelligent invoice scanning technologies, our highly experienced and skilled team digitally captures your purchase invoice data whilst scanning a high-quality image of the invoice itself.

The purchase invoice data can then be validated and exported into your accounts payable system such as Sage, Navision, Access Accounts, SAP Finance etc.

The corresponding scanned invoice is then archived and the original invoices can be sent around your organisation for approval electronically using sophisticated workflow technologies.

Approvals or rejections automatically update the status in the accounts system or an alert can be sent to accounts payable staff.


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    Secure & Accredited Invoice Scanning Services

    We are dedicated to customer security and confidentiality. Our scanning bureau is ISO accredited and all records are digitised in compliance with British Standards. So you can have complete peace of mind that your data is safe.

    Because our scanning systems and services are Inland Revenue Approved and compliant with legal admissibility guidelines, you can simply store your scanned invoice images digitally for seven years and destroy the original paper copies.

    Integrate With Your Favourite Financial Software

    Integrate digitised invoice data into your current accounting software, including Sage, SAP, Sharepoint, Navision, and Oracle. Our smart invoicing technology lets you connect with your existing financial systems to make the transition to digital as easy as possible.

    We can also scan, index, and archive your invoices to our own secure, easy-to-use, cloud-based document management system. This enables seamless archiving, processing, search, and workflow automation that is tailored to your business.

    Organise Invoice Data Your Way + Access Documents Instantly

    We use OCR technology to capture important invoice data and convert the extracted information into searchable digital files. This means no more frantically searching through bulky filing cabinets to find that urgent invoice.

    Simply organise files by invoice number, supplier name, date, item description, or any other reference that suits you, then retrieve and share the document you need in seconds. Plus, with flexible remote access, your documents are always just a click away, whether you’re in the office, working from home, or on the go.

    Industry-Leading Technology

    We use industry-leading technology, including the latest state-of-the-art Optical Character Recognition and Kodak scanners, to ensure the greatest accuracy, best possible quality, and highest standards at all times.

    With a scanning capacity of over 5 million images per month and the capability of increasing this rapidly to over 10 million, we can fulfil projects of any scope and size. You can rest assured that we’re well-equipped to service all your scanning, archiving, and storage needs.


    We have now disposed of our central storage unit,and we can find everything we need at the click of a button. This allows us to work more efficiently and has saved a considerable amount of space.

    We had a real paperwork issue dealing with hundreds of invoices each week. We looked at several options including converting one of our offices into an archive room, but when Cull showed us Invu it quickly became clear that it was going to solve all our paperwork issues and at a similar cost. We liked it so much so that we signed up there and then.

    Searching for invoices is now incredibly easy and quick, and we no longer find ourselves sifting through a mountain of paper to find that elusive one.

    Historically we had always microfilmed all of our Invoices and various other financial records, however, after taking the time to understand our needs Cull Paperless Solutions provided us with an up to date solution for our record keeping. Since then we have further extended our document imaging to within the Quality Department. Now that we are scanning our business critical documents, searching for that elusive invoice is no longer a chore.

    We have worked with Cull for years and have always found them to be friendly, reliable and knowledgable about document management. We can now find everything we need at the click of a button and believe we have achieved considerable cost savings as a result.



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