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Whether you are looking to outsource all your scanning and retrieval requirements or you want to manage your imaging and documentation in house, Cull has the technology and expertise to provide a solution to your paper storage and retrieval needs.

Cull’s dedicated scanning bureau caters for almost any managed service requirement whilst maintaining the highest standards that you should expect.

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Cull Paperless offer the following scanning & storage services

Automated Invoice Processing

Cull has developed purchase invoice processing (PIPs) scanning services to automate your invoice and accounts payable processes. Using sophisticated invoice scanning technologies we can digitally capture your purchase invoice data whilst scanning an image of the invoice itself.

Document Scanning

Cull’s document scanning service bureau provides document scanning and archiving plus a range of document digitisation services. Scan paper to PDF, scan paper to Alchemy (our free electronic document management software) or have images scanned to any other format and uploaded into your own document management or line of business system.

Cloud Storage

The document scanning bureau output can be fed seamlessly to the CullDocumentsLive. CullDocumentsLive is our hosted electronic document management software solution that gives companies the ability to search their scanned images online via a web browser.

Data Capture

Cull has a pool of skilled personnel for manual data entry, automated data capture, quality checking and proof reading.

Digital Mailroom

Cull’s Electronic or Digital Mailroom works to open, sort, scan, index and electronically distribute your incoming post saving you time, frustration and money. Our Digital Mailroom service ensures that every item of post is available to the relevant staff daily by a predetermined time.

Microfilm and Microfiche Digitisation

Cull’s scanning service bureau offers solutions for the conversion and digitisation of 16mm microfilm, microfiche and 35mm aperture cards documents.

Canofile Conversion

Cull provides Canofile conversion services for Canofile 250 and Canofile 510 images, including indexing data to a format compatible with your systems. Using this service Canofile users can upgrade to a non-proprietary, networkable imaging system with advanced capabilities, without the time and expense of re-keying existing index information and re-scanning documents.

Scanner and Microfilm Maintenance

Our engineers service and repair all microfilm and microfiche reader machines, microfilm and microfiche scanners and document management scanners on site at our clients’ premises. Scanners or microfilm or microfiche readers and printers that require more in depth fault finding will be returned to the workshop at the head office in Birkenhead.

Document Management Support

As electronic document management systems become more prevalent and as their uses are also becoming more “mission critical”. If your document management software stops working it will have a detrimental impact on the service levels that your internal and external customers already enjoy.



We pride ourselves on offering an outstanding level of customer service across our range of services.


We provide instant access to all of your scanned documents via our secure cloud environment


Our team boasts over 250 years experience in the document scanning and digitisation field.


We have consistently invested in the very latest state of the art hardware and software


We have now disposed of our central storage unit,and we can find everything we need at the click of a button. This allows us to work more efficiently and has saved a considerable amount of space.

We had a real paperwork issue dealing with hundreds of invoices each week. We looked at several options including converting one of our offices into an archive room, but when Cull showed us Invu it quickly became clear that it was going to solve all our paperwork issues and at a similar cost. We liked it so much so that we signed up there and then.

Searching for invoices is now incredibly easy and quick, and we no longer find ourselves sifting through a mountain of paper to find that elusive one.

Historically we had always microfilmed all of our Invoices and various other financial records, however, after taking the time to understand our needs Cull Paperless Solutions provided us with an up to date solution for our record keeping. Since then we have further extended our document imaging to within the Quality Department. Now that we are scanning our business critical documents, searching for that elusive invoice is no longer a chore.

We have worked with Cull for years and have always found them to be friendly, reliable and knowledgable about document management. We can now find everything we need at the click of a button and believe we have achieved considerable cost savings as a result.


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