Document management is not industry specific, Cull’s client portfolio spans almost every sector. We have worked extremely hard to understand the issues faced by each business type as well as what solutions and or software work best. This means that we are able to give solid and meaningful advice to our clients whether they are looking to address issues of compliance, efficiency, customer service or risk reduction.

Cull Paperless provide our various services to the following sectors


The complexity of the products and their associated strict design and QA controls produce large volumes of paperwork and electronic information.

Information must be shared between customers, manufacturers, suppliers, legislative authorities and maintenance organisations who all have vested interests in the production and operation of the products.


With documents ranging from large format drawings, A4 & A3 paper, colour photographs, microfilm and various other paperwork forming Contract and Project files it is little wonder that many of the UK’s leading Construction firms turn to Cull Paperless Solutions to manage their ever growing archive of paper.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical

Document and Record Management is crucial in the both Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries to ensure auditability of every batch produced. With the increasing demands on speed of delivery, compliance and cost reduction, electronic document management has never been so pertinent.


From student records and absence reports to parents letters and classroom content – Schools and Universities are one of the heaviest paper using sectors.

Financial Services

Financial services are notoriously paper intensive, couple this with the extremely strict regulations set down by the FSA on storage of information it becomes clear that the management of documents within this industry is a full time job.


Whether your firm deals in PI, Conveyancing or Corporate Litigation you will undoubtedly be surrounded by filing cabinets that cost thousands of pounds to manage on an annual basis. The pressures of regulatory scrutiny from the Law Society, high expectations from clients, and time pressures – especially for fee earners with targets – all add to the cost of filing.


Healthcare is a sector whose records are not only business critical but life critical. Cull has been working with NHS Trusts and Private Hospitals for many years and has developed an in depth knowledge and understanding of the health records function.


Central & Local Government has been tasked with implementing document management and ECM solutions to meet compliance and e-Government targets. The aim is to save costly office space, improve access to valuable information, reduce administrative costs and improve customer service. This adds up to achieving efficiency savings whilst meeting compliance and information governance obligations.


The audit trail within the Manufacturing sector is more stringent than ever before. External audits of health and safety, manufacturing processes, compliance and site checks are more frequent than ever, and the requirement to have correct paperwork readily available is paramount.



We pride ourselves on offering an outstanding level of customer service across our range of services.


We provide instant access to all of your scanned documents via our secure cloud environment


Our team boasts over 250 years experience in the document scanning and digitisation field.


We have consistently invested in the very latest state of the art hardware and software


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