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  • a lever arch file will contain 500 images when full
  • an archive box will contain 2,500 images when full
  • a four draw filing cabinet will contain 12,000 images when full

We typically return scanned images on CD or DVD with some basic search software that enables you to search through your digital archive then E-mail, print etc. as required. Some clients have systems that they would like to integrate with we can provide images in a format that will work with any in house software.

Online document hosting is becoming ever more popular due to its flexibility and scalability. Here at Cull we can quickly set you up with your own secure online area to view and search your digital archive. To find out which option is best for you give us a call for a free consultation.

Whatever you do, don’t assume that simply buying a scanner will give you the ability to produce legally admissible images. You will need to be sure that your processes and storage methods are compliant with the relevant standards for legal admissibility (BIP0008, BIP0009 and PD0010). Typically achieving this will involve the implementation of an electronic document management system with a full audit trail.

Choosing between our bureau service and a document management system however normally comes down to preference. Our bureau is able to cope with 5,000,000 images every month and is geared up to tackle large volumes of paperwork and we find clients prefer to send their larger scanning projects to us rather than attempt to convert them in house. If you are looking to store all your electronic files (i.e. word documents, E-mails etc) in the system along with your scanned images and only anticipate scanning a very small amount daily, an in house option may be best. If you are completely unsure have us come in for a free consultation and recommendation.

The benefits vary from industry to industry, but there are five that our clients constantly relay to us:

  1. Space savings – When you scan your documents either by outsourcing the project to us or using one of our software solutions most standard business records can simply be destroyed meaning you no longer need those big, ugly filing cabinets.
  2. Time savings – Electronic Document Management gives you the ability to find the document you are looking for almost instantly. By reducing the time taken to file, retreive and refile documents you and your staff will have more time to spend on more pressing tasks.
  3. Compliance – Legislation and regulations from bodies such as the Inland Revenue, FSA and even clients, put pressure on organisations to manage and maintain their file stores in an effective manner. Having a disorganised filing system will lead to penalties being levied on your company. Electronic document management will keep your filing in order and enforce filing criteria giving your firm more control and confidence in the system it operates ultimately aiding in compliance.
  4. Disaster Recovery – With the risk of fire, flood or malicious damage ever present risk reduction is always high on our agendas. By storing documents electronically they will be backed up within your standard backup routines and copies can easily be created for offsite storage.
  5. Save Money – All of the above ultimately amount to money savings on one way or another. Office space costs money, employees and their time costs money, failure to comply will cost you a fine and a disaster that detroys all your paperwork could even detroy your business.

An electronic document management system (often referred to as an EDM system) is a computer system that gives you the ability to track and store either electronic documents such as E-mails, Word Documents etc. or scanned versions of paper documents or both. It is EDM systems that will help you move towards a paperless environment.

Because of the way that they work, searching  within the system can be done on a keyword or phrase (E.g. client name, client number or invoice number) with the results available almost instantly. More advanced options even allow you to search on the text within the documents themselves. Because the time taken to find documents is massively reduced when compared with a traditional filing system, your working day will be transformed with more time to spend working on other things.

Scanned documents can be legal if processes are managed properly. The British Standards Institute has produced guidelines for the conversion and management of scanned images: BIP0008 and BIP0009. When these guidelines are followed the whole scanning process is strictly managed and audited meaning that we can confidently state who scanned which document and even and what time, it is this level of detail that a court will require when declaring a document admissible in court.  Simply scanning to PDF from your office scanner or multi function device is not enough.

Once scanned it is also important that access to documents is properly controlled so that no change to the original scanned image is possible, and in some cases it is necessary to prevent unauthorised persons from viewing the said records.

All solutions and services offered by Cull comply fully with BIP0008, BIP0009 and PD0010.


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    We provide instant access to all of your scanned documents via our secure cloud environment


    Our team boasts over 250 years experience in the document scanning and digitisation field.


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    We have now disposed of our central storage unit,and we can find everything we need at the click of a button. This allows us to work more efficiently and has saved a considerable amount of space.

    We had a real paperwork issue dealing with hundreds of invoices each week. We looked at several options including converting one of our offices into an archive room, but when Cull showed us Invu it quickly became clear that it was going to solve all our paperwork issues and at a similar cost. We liked it so much so that we signed up there and then.

    Searching for invoices is now incredibly easy and quick, and we no longer find ourselves sifting through a mountain of paper to find that elusive one.

    Historically we had always microfilmed all of our Invoices and various other financial records, however, after taking the time to understand our needs Cull Paperless Solutions provided us with an up to date solution for our record keeping. Since then we have further extended our document imaging to within the Quality Department. Now that we are scanning our business critical documents, searching for that elusive invoice is no longer a chore.

    We have worked with Cull for years and have always found them to be friendly, reliable and knowledgable about document management. We can now find everything we need at the click of a button and believe we have achieved considerable cost savings as a result.