10 Advantages of Digitising Your Documents

Digitising your documents can bring a whole world of benefits to your business.

Here are our top 10 advantages:

1. Save Time

We scan, index, and archive your documents so you’ll be able to securely retrieve the documents you need in seconds, from anywhere in the world.

2. Save Space

Most standard business records can be securely shredded, bleached and recycled after being scanned and indexed. Goodbye filing cabinets!

3. Save Money

Whether you’re saving in office space, paper supplies or your employee’s valuable time, the value in digitisation is clear.

4. Be Compliant

Digital document management will keep your filing in order and therefore give you more control and confidence.

5. Be Protected

Storing documents digitally means that they can be easily backed up and so protected against fire, flood or malicious damage.

6. Be Sustainable 

By removing the need to use paper in daily processes, document digitisation helps to provide a sustainable solution for managing your records.

7. Quality assurance

Through constant use and general ageing, physical documents degrade quickly. Information, images, drawings and texts can become torn, faded and possibly brittle. Scanning the information will capture the image digitally and the scan will never degrade.

8. Ease of Access

Once digitised, information can be sent, stored, edited, mined, translated, displayed… the list is endless!

9. Recovering Lost Information

During the scanning process you will be amazed at the number of documents, drawings or microfilms that you thought were lost that reappear from a simple mis-filing error!

10. No Re-filing

The best thing is you won’t have to re-file anything! And no re-filing, means no mis-filing!

We’re here to expertly guide you through digitising your documents. Call our friendly team today on 0151 638 6000 to find out how we can help you.