Digitising Dodelston Primary School

“Perfect service from Warren and the team at Cull! Nothing was too much trouble.

Dodelston Primary School

Dodleston is a small village Church of England Primary school at the heart of the community with strong links with the Church and village. The school recognised that they needed to improve the Data Protection of their paper records and came to Cull for advice.

Digitising Dodelston

Having discussed the benefits of digitisation, it was immediately clear that there were additional benefits of digitisation. Not only would encrypted files be more secure and accessible than the traditional locked filling cabinet, but Dodleston would immediately benefit from the additional space that digitising paper files created. Being a small village school, office space came at a premium.

Cull worked closely with Dodleston to design exactly how the digital library would look and function to ensure the transition from paper to digital was as seamless as possible. The archive files were collected, indexed, digitised and the digital library was created. Within just 10 days, the process was complete.

GDPR Compliance

Cull make regular collections from Dodleston School to maintain GPDR compliance of their files and to ensure their digital library is up to date. This has the additional benefit of ensuring the small office is not overwhelmed by paperwork and frees up space for an extra desk and safe socially-distanced working.

Jayne said: “Perfect service from Warren and the team at Cull! Nothing was too much trouble. Our archiving was personally collected and returned by Warren which was a great help, and the flash drive returned really quickly – such a great idea and saves a small school like ours so much space.

“As a small school, I was unsure whether Cull would take us on as we only have one or two boxes a year, but Warren was just as happy to deal with us and has been a great source of help and advice. Thank you Warren and the team, you are all highly recommended.”