Digital Document Management for the Petrochemical Industry

“The petrochemical industry is one that can benefit hugely from digital document management. With remote working teams and 24/7 secure access to all documents, it makes life easier for employees, makes business more efficient and allows management to be confident in the knowledge that all security assurances are met.” Warren Caine, Cull.

Digital Document Management

Operating from 15 sites across 8 countries with over 4,200 employees, our client is one of the world’s largest chemical companies. They require a highly efficient management of information across all areas to effectively manage a business of this scale whilst meeting the high expectations of its customers.

Like many companies, they were looking to move their offices to smaller premises. This prompted the question of where their paperwork and filing storage could safely go, as well as how files could be easily accessible to teams working remotely.

With the offices being moved, it was a risk that important documentation may be lost during the disruption and with no digital back-ups, this was concerning.

They had also realised that their existing physical management of documents was hugely inefficient, time consuming and took up a large amount of physical space.

Recognising the need to digitise their files, they turned to Cull.

Cull collected their files and digitised a multitude of paperwork types from HR files to finance, investment and calculation files as well as complex technical drawings. With each document now fully searchable digitally, employees working from anywhere in the world had no trouble accessing their files safely in a matter of seconds. ­

This service was delivered by a dedicated team of individuals who ensure the highest quality scanning and maintenance of documentation.

The impact of Digital Document Management has been significant. Digital scanning provided our client with the space they needed and reduced the dependency on physical documents for those working from home. Additionally, with offices becoming more expensive, digitally scanning documents saved them a considerable amount of money and space. Their documentation is now held in one place, creating a more reliable and efficient way of working.

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